Sunday, October 10, 2010

My turn!

You did not think I was going to let B have all the glory of this blog did you?! You must not know me. There is no way I am going to let that happen!

I say some pretty funny stuff too. I am three and I soak up everything you say and do. I will then repeat it at any moment, hoping to embarrass you or make you feel completely uncomfortable.

The other day my mom had on tennis shoes and capris, I told her she looked silly. I mean it's still 90 outside, why are her feet covered? We share the love of bare feet or flip flops.

A few nights ago I was getting mom good with my "Why's" and I wasn't listening to any replies, nor did I care what her answers were. Here is how that went... "Q lets brush our teeth and get ready for bed" I threw in a bunch of "Why's" she threw in another "Q please brush your teeth" I procrastinated a bit more. She threw in another "PLEASE.BRUSH.YOUR.TEETH". I asked a few more "Whys'. "Q please don't make me say it again" "Well mommy then don't say it again" I think she may have smiled and tried not to laugh?!

Last week daddy and I were playing work. I gave him a bill. He told me he didn't like the total. He told me to fix it. I told him I didn't know how. Him and mommy burst out laughing. I have no idea what was so funny. I then grew insistent that I didn't know how to fix "the invoice" as they kept referring to it!

B&I went to the Dr with mommy. I was good and kept my hands to myself and tried to keep B happy with cheerios. But it was all too much and mommy was too happy with how it was going. So I decided I needed to add some excitement! Bathroom trips in public places always add a little fun! Especially when we have a stroller! And then I was thirsty. But that was easy because there were little plastic cups right there in the bathroom. Mom gave me one. She burst out laughing once she read what was on the cup. Something about urine collection cup. Whatever that means, but she gave it to me anyway!

I started playing soccer at the Y. I really like it. I also like it because my friend Mitch is on my team. Mom likes it because she says I go to bed easier. HA! I am going to have to do something to change that!

Porter still goes to bed with me, but at some point he must get up and leave, which makes me sad. I can not go to sleep without him. He is my friend.

I am definitely becoming an expert at the potty thing. However, I still have a tendency to wait until I absolutely HAVE to go. Which isn't always a good decision. My mom says she buys a box of clean up wipes every week? Is that supposed to be my problem?

I had a great weekend with my Great Grandmother, my GGP, Grandma, Aunt Nina and my cousin Faith. Mom and B were there too, but I see them everyday. I will try to get mom to post about that soon....ha ha ha!

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