Friday, August 27, 2010

New adventures of a SAHM. Week 1

Well here we are...end of week 1.

It was a good week. Nothing out of the ordinary and nothing too exciting. It was basically as if I was on vacation. We just did this in early July due to Q's surgery. Except for seven days I had to keep him quiet and still. Ha ha ha.

We had lots of play time with friends we don't usually see much of during the week! We started our week with a play date with Mitchell and ended the week with a play date with Mitchell. The boys played pretty well together, only needing a few minutes of alone time each.

I learned a few things about myself while learning about my boys as well.

I have more patience than I thought I did. I find it easier? I don't know why. You would think it would be the opposite. Since I didn't see them all day, I should have been so lenient and exhausted, picking my battles loosely. But that is not the case and I have finally found my patience. (side note, this is mostly the 3 year old with his mothers persistence and stubbornness) But believe me there is still discipline happening here!

I am learning how to give directions. I notice that when I tell Q how to do something and he doesn't "get it", that my directions were not clear enough. Which is funny because lately he is pointing and saying "that" whenever he wants something and I get so annoyed that he KNOWS the word, yet won't use it. Time to start using more adjectives!

I am a pro at changing batteries! I have changed dozens this week. Literally DOZENS! Only in the toys that truly need them.

When B was playing in the kennel, I took the opportunity to read a page (seriously, it's all I got in) of a magazine (and take this picture), I promise I didn't put him in there & if you look real close you can see it isn't locked.

Remember that manicure I got last week...yeah it's gone. That is why I don't get them.

Since maternity leave, I had forgotten how much I despise the doorbell and the land line. The land line is about to go and if I could I would clip the door bell line! And landscape people. I don't care what time you come, whatever time it is, it is guaranteed to be nap time. I am about to offer mowing services to all my neighbors, so my toddler can sleep!

I cooked dinner every night (except Thursday, which was leftover night) mostly for cost purposes and a personal challenge to see if I could! And we ended out play date today with oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!!

I got to make more than my fair share of tents, cars, boats, ambulances, fire trucks, tents etc this week.

But I also got to watch my boys play. With eachother. By themselves. Doing their thing.
Q LOVES to get in the crib with B when he wakes up from a nap. I LOVE listening to them "talk" on the monitor! I also get a potty break with both contained, which also means a potty break ALONE!

B LOVES cars, trucks and trains!

Today when we were playing with B after lunch and I noticed a banana piece on him, I actually ate it, because I was too lazy to get up and throw it away. Plus it was a fresh piece of organic banana!

Pretty sure when B picked up the phone this week he said "Hi". Wow, these last two are actually kind of sad. Maybe I shouldn't admit this part. Nah, come on now, you know me better than that!

So that was our week! Like I said, not to exciting but interesting enough for me!

Enjoy your weekend! If we do anything worth blogging about I will do a Weekend Wrap Up for you!

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