Saturday, August 14, 2010


Yes, I have been busy, but other than the things keeping me busy, life is not all that exciting to blog about!

Here is one project keeping me busy! Table still not done, actually I have not even started..

I also have some pillows to finish for my sister in law. I made her some cornice boards and these match. My mom offered to sew them, I wasn't going to deny her that privilege!

And then I have some chairs in the garage that need some love.

In the meantime, the money mailer is keeping the boys busy. I had no idea this would create minutes of fun!!

I also attended my first Bunco night. It was fun. There was wine and yummy food. And fun girls. When has that combo ever made for a bad time?!

B is standing on his own. No help needed! Yeah for Uncle Todd, who got to see it first!!

Q and I went to the grocery store this morning for super double coupons. Honestly, coupons frustrate me. I never feel like I get any value. I must though, right? Maybe, if milk didn't cost $4.99 a gallon, the bill wouldn't be so high? After naps we went and got some frozen yogurt! YUM!

Tomorrow is Sunday and we plan on just hanging out. Getting ready for the last week of this chapter, I've called full time working mom!

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