Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

I know, weekend wrap up on a Tuesday...but we've been busy. It's fun when your weekend runs into Tuesday!

We had a low key weekend hanging out getting Q's old toys out of the attic for B.
This picture cracks me up, because it looks like B is screaming out the "window" at someone. I like to call it "Heeeeeyyyyyy Auntie JLa" (Perfect on an Escalade)

This is a good shot of what is making B not so B lately...Two left top teeth trying to come in. Don't get me wrong, he is still pretty happy. I can't imagine how much teething hurts!

Cleaning, organizing and a 30th birthday party for our friend James. He "belongs" to Auntie Fer. But we think he is pretty fun so we decided to go party. The boys did great and they weren't alone! James' niece and nephew were also there. They both crashed on the way home and Sunday was completely off.

Then Monday we were off to Grandmas. Hey, why not I don't have to go to the office! I needed to get some work done on some cushions (and get grandmas expert opinion) and wanted to get some swimming in. We also wanted some grandma time. Poor grandma. She had to spend three weeks here and then we are going to be together tomorrow and then again this weekend! We are a lot of work, the three of us.

Here is B greased up with some Soleo for swimming. I LOVE this sunscreen! (No, they did not pay me to say this, but it is ALL natural (not a drop of bad stuff!) Check them out here! This nectarine kept him busy while I work my magic on him.

Here is my design assistant..working hard!

He was cutting squares and triangles.

Looking forward to a nice long holiday weekend with the family! B turns 1!!! I can't believe it!! I year ago today I went in for my 39 week appointment and Dr. L told me, that B was breech again. He said I could not risk going into labor. It was too dangerous. He was ready to check me in to the hospital then. I needed to go home and talk with Chad. I was nervous, scared, but ready to meet baby boy #2. Tonight I couldn't listen to him cry anymore, I went and rocked him and he fell asleep on my chest. He has never slept on my chest, only in my arms. But I rocked him and rocked him and rubbed his back and head. I couldn't help repeat over and over to him, how much I love him, how grateful I am for him and I thanked God for him and how healthy he is.

I gotta get to bed. Someone has their year 1 pictures tomorrow!!

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