Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Out of the mouth of a 3 year old

Life as a 3 year old seems like it could be fun? Things that come out of Q’s mouth are amazing.

Right now he is obsessed with twins. As in “I have 2 babies in my tummy” “when I come home from the hospital (after his tonsillectomy) I will bring a baby home like B?” “Maybe two, like Mrs. ‘Manda.” And since spending more time with Mrs. ‘Manda and her beautiful boys, Q has declared Joshie and Oliver twins. They look so much alike, don’t you think?

He has put B in timeout a few times and tries to explain to him why he is there. Upon being told, B is rather young, I am not sure he understands his reply is a stern “Grandma, I got this” with a hand up as to hush her. But today he redeemed himself when he saw some Toy Story shoes that he “needed”. Granted his six month old Stride Rites have a hole in the toe. Grandma agreed to buy them. He then told her how “she was the best grandma in the whole world” and he “was the luckiest little boy ever”. Wow, Grandma, wait until those Target sneakers are Nikes!!

We often hear, “OKaaaaaayyyyyyy” or “I’m just telling yoooouuuuuuu”. I am not sure when he turned into a thirteen year old girl, but I’m not liking it.

“Mosquitos are eatin’ me alive” “Holy Smokes/Moly”. While getting his sleeping bag and pillow out of his overnight bag he exclaimed that it was “a terrible mess”.

My chairs I just completed are “Beautiful”.

And then he can warm your heart my telling you he loves you and showering you with kisses randomly yet several times a day. It also tends to happen after correcting his behavior, however he is very sensitive and does not like it when you are upset with him or he has hurt your feelings.

Imagination? Check! Here is Q sitting in his pink truck, or grey or red. It depends on the day!

Manners? Oh my boy has manners! We are hearing more and more. “Mommy what are you cooking? It smells delicious” “Dinner was so yummy, thank you for cooking” Amanda got to hear this first hand after she slaved over a PB & J for him. Hey, when you have 3 under 3, I imagine that is an accomplishment! After having lunch at cousin Liza’s, Q made sure to tell her “Thanks for having us, it was so nice of you”.

Oh Q, those poor poor teachers of your future. They are not going to know what to do with you. And girls, don’t even get me started. You are handsome, charming, and smart and you know how to use them. And because you are so nurturing and genuine it all comes across so authentic, even when it’s not!

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