Monday, July 12, 2010

UPS & downs

Dr. D said we would have ups and downs.

He didn't want us to think that because on day 2 or 3 if Q was acting like himself, that he was better. He actually said day 2 might be good and day 3 might be bad. Day 4 & 5 good and day 6 bad.

Thanks Doc for the warning. He has had his ups and downs. I guess that is why he said recovery would take 7-10 days.



Saturday and Sunday were good. Sunday he was a little needy. Chad took him to see Toy Story 3. He didn't have much to say about it, must have liked it? Chad did.

This morning Q woke up unbearable. Must have something to do with the way he slept last night.! Kicking, thrashing, talking..TAKING.MY.PILLOW (seriously, out from under my head!!) He came running down the stairs telling me I left him! I didn't leave him, he was sleeping! We took B to school and then went to look at a new school for Q. Which he liked and was very comfortable at! YAHOO!! Then we headed to the library! Came home with a big stack of books to keep us calm and settled. Did I mention that Q is to stay in calm mode for 7-10 days? Really, he is three!!!!

On top of all those ups and downs, B has decided he wanted to join in the fun. His top K9 then made it's appearance. Shew, it took about 5 days to come in. Five whole days of ups and downs for B as well. My genius friend Amanda turned me on to Mighty Minis (slow melting popsicles)...Oh Mighty Minis, how I love you. You have changed my life. And B's! He might love you more than I do!

Tomorrow Q & I are going swimming...just for a little bit. He needs to get out of the house as bad as I do!

And Wednesday Auntie Kelly is coming!! We are extremely excited.

Come on, recovery, bring me back my babies!

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