Friday, August 6, 2010

Farm Fresh

When people ask where I am from upon hearing my accent, I tell them “North Carolina”. Which is funny because I don’t really have an accent. Not all the time anyway. And I actually talk pretty fast. However, I guess in any conversation where someone says “cah” for car and “pizzer” for pizza I probably do sound a little different. I say things like “y’all” and “darlin”. (And don’t put a g on the end of that, we don’t use ‘em.) And then I get to answer questions.

My favorite: Did I grow up on a farm? Um, no. We actually have other things in the south besides farms. Ever heard of Key West? No, I didn’t grow up there, but it’s in the south. Go there, it’s amazing! I get all worked up when people “talk” about the south and they have never experienced it. But that is a whole ‘nother subject for a whole ‘nother day and time.

This doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the farmer and what he provides for me. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to eat. Anything. Seriously. Gardening and I do not go well together. I have tried. I LOVE going to the farmers market and looking at all the fresh produce and fruit. I enjoy knowing that the meat, eggs and cheese I just bought for my family are not loaded with things we don’t need. We have a really great farmers market here. I wish I could go more often (and soon I can!) But I do love a farm. Both Q & B had a farm nursery. And I LOVE farm animals!

On the way to my parents there are many farms. Many MANY farms. I love riding up there throughout the year and see what is growing. My favorite is cotton. After it has been “picked” the fields look as though it has snowed. If I knew there weren’t snakes hiding in the bails, I would probably catch myself laying on top, dreaming about what that one bail of cotton would become.

But, summertime is tobacco time.

One of the more famous crops from my home state. Probably the most controversial as well. I don’t smoke. Never have. Don’t think I ever will. I am not a fan of tobacco, but I know it has done a lot of good things for my state and the farmers that live here. I don’t think that growing up here encouraged or discouraged any of my friends. I do blame RJR and their “all the free smokes” in their benefit package (40 some years ago) for my fathers terrible habit. He could smoke in his office. During a meeting. With non-smokers in attendance. Although, I am thinking there probably weren’t too many of those?

On my way up there last week (a nice hour and a half by myself) I did what I say I am going to do everytime. I stopped and took pictures! I was a little nervous about snakes, you just never know. At least the rows between the tobacco is a bit cleaner. Ever been to pick strawberries? The rows are not as open and the bushes so low to the ground…and strawberries are so yummy!

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