Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hugs & Kisses

What a fun Saturday! After Q woke up at 10am (!!!) we laid in bed hugging and kissing on him. And then the best part, Q kept asking "Daddy hug" "Mommy hug" "Daddy Kiss" "Mommy Kiss", then what ever we were doing he would add "& kisses" or "& hugs"!! This went on for quite awhile. It was so awesome. Then we laid around and played outside! The weather was actually quite nice! In the shade! Q didn't get out of his pjs until it was time to go to Mimis for dinner and then we hit TARGET! Don't you just love Target?!
I know you are waiting for pics from July 4th & I promise they are coming! Just not sure when...maybe tomorrow night, we will have a bunch of good ones!
Tomorrow we have a busy day. Starting with church! We also have a fun surprise in store for Q, he has no idea!! I'll let it be a surprise for you to! Hope to post those pics as well?!
Now, I've got to go and create a 2 yr photo book of all my favorite pics of Q in his second year of life! Sorry folks, those scrap boooks are going to be a year one thing only!

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