Wednesday, July 1, 2009

10 weeks & a sleepover!

This week has been a big week and the fun is only growing! Monday I went to the Dr for my 30 week appt. That means I only have a scheduled 10 weeks to go!! That is it?! Where has the time gone? However, it is getting rather warm and I'm getting rather big, and pretty uncomfortable! B's heartbeat was 146 bpm! That is nice and strong! Speaking of that heartbeat is there any better sound to a pregnant mom? You can't hold, kiss, love on or smell them! That heartbeat is amazing! During pregnancy I live for that 2 minutes of wooshing! I wish I could hear it more often! Maybe one day they will have those machines for in home use?!

Q had his first sleepover on Tuesday night! We've been having a rough go at out mornings and evenings were hoping that this change of pace would help! Boy did it!! He only had 1 small meltdown and that was due to the fact that he didn't want to share! This morning they got up, had some breakfast and we were out the door (almost on time, by 3min) to school!! I am hoping Q likes having someone else to play with, cause B is you know, 10 weeks away!!!

We girls like our sleeping room!!


Ready for school!!!!

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