Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's a Jeep Thing.....

you might understand...
I promised you a surprise and while it took me forever to post about it, I have indeed now posted! Q has many fabulous Aunts & Uncles and many more fabulous cousins. (2 sets of cousins even share the same name! No worries there are 1 on each side!) One fabulous cousin P even parted with her beloved Jeep this weekend. We don't think she is too sad, she had a great time showing Q how to hold down the gas pedal!

Check out that toungue action! He is DEEP in thought!

After an hour today in the evening heat repeating "Which way do you want to go?" Q points and I reply "then turn your steering wheel that way" I'm thinking of recruiting P to come and also teach steering lessons!! We think she is a super stellar cousin!

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