Thursday, July 16, 2009


It's whats for dinner!
He may have blond hair and blue eyes, but he is MY boy! Since Sunday Q has repeatedly asked for salad!! He eats everything on it! Lettuce, spinach, olives, chick peas, cucumbers even BEETS!!! I LOVE a good salad. Nothing beats all that fresh goodness, top it with some crumbled blue cheese and have an even better salad!

You'd think with all this green leafy stuff he is eating we wouldn't have needed to follow him around begging him to drink prune juice tonight! It's been 3 days, tomorrow we call the docs! Enough of that! Poor boy, it's now out there for the world to read about!

I also have learned that I make a mean onion pie! I added some fresh zucchini and squash (and LOTS of cheese)!! What's onion pie you ask? Who are you are where did you grow up, because it sure wasn't around these parts! Do you know what sweet tea is? That gives me a whole 'nother post for tomorrow!

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