Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Here's to friends!

So this week Q went to a sleepover at AK's. A's mom and I are trading off Tuesdays! I miss him though! It's a good week for him to be there, it's Sales Meeting week at work, which means...EXTREMELY long days at work! So I didn't get the date night with my CP (that was the original goal), but I get to get up early, stay late and work, work work! Oh well! Hope things are going well at the K's. I imagine they are, I haven't gotten the call yet! I hope he doesn't expect to spend the night with A when he is 16!!!
Which also brings me to another thought...I hope that he & A grow to be great friends and can always count on eachother, chat, bounce ideas off eachother, get advice from and keep eachother out of trouble and in line! Boys & girls need that! I have one. BG and I started kindergarten together and graduated college almost together (me first:)!)! We have been through some of lifes toughest challenges together. Always there for eachother. We don't talk everyday, we don't need to. (He is a guy you know!) It is TOTALLY possible and I can only pray that Q has that in a girl-friend. Here's to you friend! XO

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