Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

What a weekend! Even though we stayed within a 10 mile radius of the house, it was busy!

It started on Friday morning with a baby Dr visit for me. Ladybug is doing good. However, I did get a text from Chad during my wait, that B had fallen down basement steps and there was blood everywhere. I learned in a frantic call back, that it was the bottom two stairs. It was a face plant. No blacking out, no vomiting. I called the peditricians office just to make sure. When I got home, there were pacifier pieces on the garage floor. So obviously it was a pretty good smack. I am glad it was Chad with him. If it had been me, he wouldn't have had a paci. I think it probably saved his teeth, his lips, and tonque. Maybe all three. He was acting completely fine. He was pretty busted up and his lip has finally gone down, but is still a little purple/blue on the inside. Needless to say we took it pretty easy the rest of the day.

Saturday we went to the fall festival at the boys school. Magic show (Q totally unimpressed. Chad and I thought he was pretty funny!), face painting, hay rides, Irish dance troupe, live music, balloon animals, fair food and lots and lots of pumpkins.

We then went to soccer and watched another hard core game of ball chase amongst four year olds.

Saturday night we carved a pumpkin. Got a few more to do, but here is a teaser!

Sunday we headed to a park to play and then watched some big kids play soccer. As usual there was a Lowes run. You'll have to check in on us at Refresh & Repurpose to see what fun things we are doing "on the side"!

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  1. Poor B! He does totally look like he got over it really quickly. I love how resilient kids are! Looks like you guys has a blast over the weekend! I love fall and pumpkins and festivals. :) Your boys are adorable and I cannot wait to see this little girl!