Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Speech

The bride from Tuesdays post has been a friend since kindergarten.
She asked her three bridesmaids to give a little speech at the rehearsal. The minute she asked us, my heart started pounding. I'm not witty. I'm not funny. I'm not a writer. What was I supposed to say? Especially about a journalism major who is now in sales. She knows how to write and think fast. In front of all these people? And strangers are no problem. I don't really care what strangers think. I'll never see them again. I also am not sure I would have been able to get through it without crying. Even though it's not very sappy.

Nobody wants to be judged by their peers. I used to have a huge problem with role playing for rush too. I know you, why am I going to ask you about your major. I know what it is and why you picked it.

But the rehearsal dinner went by fast and people got distracted and we lost the crowd before we could give our personal shout out to the bride and groom! SUH-WEET!!! However, I took the time to write it and I never got to share it with her. So here it is for her the whole world to read (and judge).

I've known Jennifer since we were 5. In that time we've learned a lot about each other.
When I knew I had to give a speech, I wasn't sure whether I should tell you what I've learned about her or give advice. I thought better of telling you all that I know & I haven't been married long enough to dole out too much advice.
But I'll share my mantra for love and life with you.
Live, Laugh, Love.
I've learned that Jenny knows how to live. Let's face it, the girl has great taste and likes to have a good time. Keep having fun. Keep living. Live for each other.
Laugh. Have you heard our friend here laugh? It's infectious. It can wake a room. It can turn your day around. The first time I heard James' make her laugh like this, I knew he was different. I knew he was the one. Other than all the times I'd heard his name around that time!
Love. We'd all like to think this is the easy one. I'd like to think I even know a thing, or three, about this myself. It's why we are here, right? These two people love each other?
On tougher days (I know there haven't been any) but believe me, sweet babies cry, dinner burns, laundry piles high and dog hair gathers in corners, remember why you are here. What brought you to each other. What brought you, above all else, to this day. A day you vowed to each other to love from this day forward.
So in the almost 30 years we've been friends, I have learned one thing about you that I can share: You've got this!
This is where I wish I had a picture from kindergarten to share. Hope you are enjoying your honeymoon in Mexico! XO

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  1. Jennifer Perkins MichaelOctober 25, 2011 at 11:36 PM

    OMG I just saw this! Crying now!