Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gone Missing

This boy makes our family whole.

And we can't imagine life without him. Today, we got a glimpse of what that would be like. Thirty minutes of awful. We had some contractors over today and they left the gate open. When they left, I let Porter out. Not even thinking to check the gate. For whatever reason, about an hour after I let him out, I went to check on him and noticed the gates were open. Porter was GONE.

I went to throw the boys in the car, but of course Bradley needed a diaper change and I wasn't sure how long we would be. So I changed him and we all got in the car. Three of us, cruising our new neighborhood, screaming for him between sobs. I was trying to remain nonchalant and cool. But then Q told me, he'd "never be able to sleep again". That is when it made me even more sad!

Porter has no idea what open roads are. He is always on a leash and has NEVER escaped. We don't live THAT close to busy roads, but there are plenty of cars that drive around and he hasn't ever been loose around them!

Thankfully some neighbors were out in their yard and noticed him. They thought it was the neighbors dog so they tied him up at their house! Probably saved his life. And mine!

He is sound asleep in his bed. Safe & sound! I wonder if he was stressed too? Especially once he got tied up. No more exploring! And I learned a lesson, to always check after people!!

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