Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

We have a new address and a new home.
We've unpacked most of those boxes that took so long to pack. When I was packing the apartment the boys seemed to find it fun to unpack them as fast as they could. Now that we are here and I am trying to unpack the boys are packing boxes and pretending to move!! AHHHHHHH!!!
Of course the majority of our stuff is still in storage. That ought to be fun to unpack!
We did have a great weekend with some visitors! Aunt Linda came and brought cousin Faith on Friday. Saturday of course was soccer.

Naptime soccer games are tough. On everyone.
And two trips to Lowes. One at 6am for the hubs. We were trying to get the floor in the laundry room done before our washer and dryer arrived.

You'd cover that beautiful floor too!
Saturday night Zanney and GGP came over for some spaghetti! Zanney and GGP brought mums and Aunt Linda brought a Home Depot gift card!

Sunday was another trip to Lowes for fire/smoke alarms and a dehumidifier. Looking forward to working on some projects that are a little more fun. But first up, shoe molding in the laundry room. I should do the half bath next, but think I will move on to the boys room. More work, but more fun = more reward!

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