Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend we spent a nice long weekend on the Outer Banks.
We were home for a friends wedding. Well, a really good friend. And I was in the wedding.

I hardly took a single picture, since we were so busy the entire time. This is why I don't blog for money! I do it for me and I don't have to feel bad that the pictures and memories are for me and no one else. We have quite a few weddings coming up. Maybe I will take some more pics then?!

Friday was a early morning mani & pedi! Always a nice way to get your day started! We left there and went to Duck for a Bridal Luncheon at The Blue Point! Yummy fresh food, an excellent view, great company, and lots and lots of laughs. We left there and made it back in time for rehearsal. After rehearsal we got to rest for a minute and then get freshened up for dinner.

Chad met me at dinner. Always nice to share a meal with new friends and enjoy their company instead of cleaning up spills and pretending that your children really are this well behaved all the time! More yummy food and another great view. This time in Nags Head at Pamlico Jacks! I mean they call themselves "the pirate hideaway". What could be more perfect for two pirate fans, like the hubs and I?!

Saturday morning, I was up and out of the house early to go get my hair did. It was a beautiful morning and it promised to have some chill later! Perfect for this prego! So I just wanted my hair back. Out of my face. Off my neck. But first I had to shove my face full of amazing food prepared by one of the groomsman. You laugh, but Melissa and I took some to the hair appointment. We knew there would be none left upon our return! The old saying "Never trust a skinny cook", is just that a saying. However, Andy did tell me you can trust a skinny cook, if he has fat friends. Oh, ok! After hair is was clean up time. As in clean up ourselves, steam a tie or two and a very important dress. Then it was time to hurry up and wait.
Here is our lovely bride..waiting...dress puffed out to not get wrinkled. Excuse the poor quality, this is from my cell!

Then it was "I DO" time..and introduce to you Mr&Mrs James and Jennifer Michael

(Obviously, I didn't take this picture, but thanks to facebook, I got a few extras)
(The most delicious I've ever put in my mouth)Cake time

Sunset pics on the roof deck. These boys sent my heart racing and my stomach to the floor!! I couldn't take all the jumping running and standing on the roof!! Especially after a few cocktails. And they were wearing flip flops. And do you know that I have two boys, that love to act like boys. These boys inparticular. Eccckkkkk. I couldn't take it. See my face in the corner. Proof enough?!

And here is Auntie 'Lissa with my dancin' machine. Jacket & tie no longer required. (Q told Chad they were wearing their president outfits. Because they looked just like our president....well kind of)

And here are the lovely bride and groom "leaving the reception". When your dad has shed blood sweat and tears restoring a corvette, you don't really get to leave!

Pooped babies

It was a tummies full off yummy food, a fun band, feet sore from dancing, reconnecting with old friends and their parents, assuring them that yes, my children really are this cute and well behaved all the time (ahem), talking with children drinking that I used to babysit, eyes swollen from crying (that may have just been me?!), beautiful, chilled, October kind of night. FILLED.WITH.LOVE

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