Monday, March 1, 2010

If you were at my house...

you would see many things. Some silliness, some craziness, some overwhelming times and some lazy times. We get lots of little boy snuggles and giggles. I am also sure over the years we will have lots of little boy moments. Like this:

I walked by the door to the back yard yesterday and saw the above. Grandma would be proud. Q LOVES to go outside. Maybe because it's different?

This weekend was gorgeous and we got to spend lots of time outside! Porter got a bath, a nail trim and a brushing. Nope, that's not snow it's Porter hair!!

B had edemame for the first time. Unlike mommy, daddy, & Q, he is not a fan. However, he has no clue when mixed with sweet potatoes which he is still enjoying! Yes, before the circus I made edemame. I don't find it hard to make their food. Especially if we are having the same thing for dinner. Actually something like sweet potatoes is actually easier, no butter, no brown sugar, just straight up sweet potato. I was going to use this picture for One Word Wednesday, but I just can't wait to share it. I am sure I can find another one to post!

Speaking of sweet potatoes, I should go cook some more!

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