Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Well there it went, just like that, as fast as the last one. The weekend. It's gone. No getting it back.

Thursday had me going to pick up B at school early because of "bad diapers". Poor guy. I had NO IDEA apricots were that full of fiber. FYI: THEY ARE! And mixed with sweet potatoes they REALLY are! So we have one that can't stop going and one that can't go. Poor boys. With that being said, I was home with B since he couldn't return to school for 24 hours, just in case it was a virus. I didn't mind, this was the first time I have been called since Jan for either boy!!! That is pretty amazing.

Friday morning (1am, that is only a few hours from wake up time, sad I know!) Q woke up and said his ear hurt. When he woke up for school, he was not himself. He again told me his ear hurt. When I asked where, he said on teh inside. Q NEVER EVER complains. He is so clumsy, I guess he is used to a little hurting. I took him to school (I didn't want him to miss his Easter party) and asked the teacher. She said he had complained on Thursday. I went home and called the Dr. An hour later I was back at school getting Q. Dr confirmed an ear infection (his FIRST!!). She also recommended we see an ENT for his "VERY large tonsils". Another fine trait he inherited from his Mama. I thought playground time at Chik Fil A would make him feel better. It only did a little bit. He didn't have the strength or want to pull himself up the "steps". We went to CVS, picked up our amoxicillian and headed home to see if Aunt Nina was there yet. She got there just in time to save me so I could get ona 2pm conference call!! A VERY important conference call! A short stroller ride later and she had both boys napping! How does she do it? They gab and talk the entire time I stroll them around?!

Saturday Daddy had major work to do outside, involving lots of water. He thought it would be best if I took the kids shopping with me & Aunt Linda. So we loaded up and headed to Kohls big sale! Q & B were both great shoppers! We then headed to Sams Club for tires and lunch.

Sunday took us to Cary to cousin Lizas house. We got to visit with cousin Leslie and her boys from Florida! Q also got to enjoy an Easter Egg Hunt! He seemed to know what he was doing, considering he hasn't gone to one in a year! They weren't really hidden for his age.

The fam heading out on our Easter Egg Hunt

Q & Aunt Nina

Pappa Joe giving B an egg



That was our weekend! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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