Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You may not remember...

but I will never forget.

I have dreaded writing this post as I know the importance of what is to be said. It will be long but bear with me, there is a lot to say. All of it relevant. ALL OF IT IMPORTANT!

I will never forget the day one of my very best friends called me to tell me that the Drs think she might possibly have "The C word".

"THE.C.WORD?!" I squealed. "What kind of c word?" I had to sit down. My head was spinning. I must have heard her wrong. There was too many horns, too much traffic. The T was too loud. It's breaks were screeching to a halt. I was too tired from a long week at work.


I did hear her right.(me gulping back the tears)"What do we need to do?" "Where do I need to be?"

What I was supposed to do for her, I don't know. We were both pretty fresh out of college living it up in big cities (just a train/plane ride away from each other), trying to make rent and still enjoy our new lives and all it had to offer two little beach girls. All this and trying not to owe our new friend VISA, our first borns. Visions of us as kindergartners, girl scouts, spelunking, camping trips, learning to drive, college parties, road trips, flying across the country to visit each other all swirled through my head, faster than some of the hurricanes we endured growing up.

Thankfully "the C Word" I so dreaded my lifelong friend having turned out to be another C word. Cat Scratch Fever. You can laugh now. After being completely amazed, relieved, and questioning the education of some of the best Drs in this country, she too can laugh.

Unfortunatley "The C word" for so many is not Cat scratch fever. And they won't be laughing about their misdiagnosis. Instead their diagnosis, is real. So very very real. And every day is still so scary. Their questions are unanswered, their future unknown. Little kids, big kids, it doesn't matter. Cancer knows no boundries. Chances are you know someone with some type of cancer. You might even know someone with Leukemia or Lymphoma. That is because every 4 minutes someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer. Every 10 minutes someone dies from one of those very same blood cancers.

Well my lifelong friend, Jennifer Perkins, is here to help you.

She wants to help you get answers. She wants to be able to show you the crystal ball with your future inside. She wants to take the "scaries" away. And here is how she is going to do it.

The Leukemia Lymphoma Society of Eastern North Carolina has a contest. A BIG contest. A huge FUNdraising contest! Man & Woman of the year!
Contestants are nominated by their peers. (Someone else thinks she is pretty fabulous too!) For 10 weeks this years 7 women and 6 men will raise as much money as they possibly can. Jennifers goal; $15,000. I have no doubt Jennifer will raise $15,000 in 10 weeks. (She once sold over 500 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. She's always been driven!) With all honesty, I would love to see her win. However, if she doesn't, I will be even more excited because that means someone else raised more! It's a win win for the LLS. It's a win win for your heart!

LLS has invested more than $680 million in research, including $68 million in 2009. $.75 of EVERY dollar spent by LLS goes directly back to their mission.

This is Kaden.

Kaden is this years boy of the year. He is just one of the 900,00 americans living with blood cancer. Kaden has been living with leukemia since he was diagnosed at age 2. AGE 2. No body should know or have to endure the pain Kaden has been through. No parent should have to watch their child endure the poison that is injected into their veins. He takes chemotherpy daily.

With the help of the LLS, his parents have access to an award winning website loaded with patient services. Webcasts & teleconferences with experts. Financial aid, peer counseling, co-payment assistance, and a school re-entry program, just to name a few. Organizations like this are priceless. But they can't survive on patient feedback. They need you. They need your money. Kaden needs you. And Jennifer wants you to donate through her.

However, she isn't just looking for money. There are many ways to donate. You can buy a cookbook (that was completely printed from donations). You can donate an item for the silent auction (this is done the final night and in the past has determined that years winner!!). She will also be awarding prizes every week to one of that weeks donators. That means a fun prize EVERY week could be yours!! She is hosting 2 yard sales. You can get us items. There is also (Drum roll please) THE.GOLDEN.TOILET.!/pages/Jennifers-Golden-Toilet/297132418140?ref=ts
Yes, you heard me. A.GOLDEN.TOILET.
In 10 weeks this toilet will be very famous. I'm hoping!

I will keep you updated on her fundraising progress. For starters a very special soon to be 3 year old is "allowing" his birthday party to be a FUNdraiser. An Easter Egg Hunt. Complete WITH a visit from the Easter Bunny!

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