Friday, March 12, 2010


It was one of those weeks, I thought Friday would never come! But, come it did and here I sit. I am ready to download an update on the stars. The stars of the blog that is.

Q is doing amazing and acting like he's 3. He fights us on plenty but loves us a lot more! Thank goodness he is sweet MOST of the time. And, when he is sweet, HE.IS.SWEET. That boy gives the best hugs. He is also very stubborn. He also knows how to play us. Q gets three books read to him every night. The other night he wasn't cooperating and he lost one. When I noticed this, I mentioned it to him. "Q, I see you are down to 2 books tonight. You need to listen to mommy and daddy." He fights back and I threaten to take away another. "Q, if you don't listen, I will take away another book. You are already down to 2." "OH well!" he says...but then when you have taken them all away, he screams and cries and now everyone is miserable.
He is enjoying reading to us at night. It is funny, books that we have only read a couple of times, he will make up words based on what the picture is doing. Sometimes, he will even repeat the sentance word for word. YES, it is scary.
He likes to pick out his clothes and we are working on getting dressed by himself. He knows what "matches", but match is a relative term. It is very different between guys and girls what "matches". But he does have a sense of style and he LOVES to accessorize.
He is constantly telling us not to leave him. Whether its in the parking lot or grocery store or going upstairs for a shower. But he never uses it when we leave him at school or at bedtime? However, bedtime comes with its own issues. He is constantly calling us back in his room. Since we are potty training we have to go up there and make sure that isn't what he needs. He does AWESOME during the day but usually wakes up wet. So he is still in a pull up. However, there are lots of nights he wakes us up to pee!
He is still very interested in everything that is going on around him and takes it all in. He has done this since he was an infant. For example at the circus, I caught him on more than one occassion watching the people in black doing the set up and break down instead of watching what was happening "in the ring". He repeats everything. B is "big time" & "baby boy".
His birthday is coming up and we are very excited. It will be an Easter Egg hunt. He is excited about the Easter bunny coming and he knows he is turning 3!

B had his first tooth break through today. Front, center and bottom. He was for the most part..a champ. A few restless nights. He is now 18lbs 6oz. Dr. P said he looked fantastic at his 6 month well visit. He can now have a sippy cup of water. He can have fruit and he can get food twice a day. He is very happy about that. I think?!
So with that, it is time to go car seat shopping. That is stressful and expensive. There is so much to look for. Are you getting the right one, does it have enough padding, what is the weight restrictions what about height. How long will he be in this one? Do you buy a convertable one or do you get one that becomes a booster. And how much is too little to spend? How much is too much to spend? I mean this is supposed to protect your child in case of an accident!
He has an evening routine. It's short thanks to my lovey commute of 45 minutes. Hopefully this will get longer soon. I hate putting him in bed an hour after we get home. He's got a slight case of ezcema so he HAS to get a rub down. Which, he is actually not fond of. He knows how to sit up now (pretty well) and that is all he wants to do!
He also can do rasberry noises which he thinks is pretty funny. He is very proud of himself! He laughs too, which melts my heart. We have only made him laugh by throwing things his way. It started with snow balls and has made it's way inside with fun colorful balls.
He is great with the O sound and a few others.
We now give him a blankie in his crib to sleep with. It is one that his great Aunt Vicky made. It has holes in it. I LOVE to watch him run his little fingers in and out of the holes while he nurses. I love that it means he is content and satisfied and happy. He is warm and snuggly and in his favorite place. Unlike Q he does not like to lay on your chest, he likes to lay across your tummy snuggled up close. Which I will admit, I also like. That way I get to look at him!


As I write this I am downloading hundreds and I do mean HUNDREDS of pictures for printing. I have not printed ONE since B was born. Yes, that was September and Yes, it is now the middle of March.

Tomorrow we are heading to Chapel Hill to the planaterium to see a Lego exhibit! That should be lots of fun, but I believe it will be extremely crowded. It is supposed to rain! Boo rain! I also signed up to take my first class field trip with Q. To the ZOO!
But before that, I have some baby food to make!

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