Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend the weather was AHHHHH-MAY-ZING!!!
Friday Chad stayed home and got to get one very important thing done! Q's birthday is coming up and we are having an Easter Egg Hunt FUNdraiser! And as birthdays past, it's at our house. Which means, it's time to get the yard in shape. I don't like yard work. I don't know why, but I don't. It might have something to do with the fact that EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I do yard work I end up with some type of posion ivy and or a rash of some sort. Seriously. I do.

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early (as usual). Q and I delivered his birthday party invitations (to our neighbors mailboxes). We came home and it was time to get started on daddy's big project. Do you know what that is yet?

This is where B and I hung out and while daddy worked.
Of course we didn't have every single thing we needed so we took an afternoon lunch break and headed to Lowes. This break took us to Snoopys for hot dogs and french fries (no hot dog for mommy, but some actually very yummy chicken salad!!) A first for Q. Chad has been dying to take him there.

Then we delivered a birthday present to cousin Paul, who turned 10!! 10!!! Such a big birthday!! We also delivered Q's birthday invite. At which point Aunt Michelle opened and asked me where the party was going to be. Oh GREAT! was my first thought. I left off the address. No biggie, I reassured myself. It's an invite to Q's birthday, it's at our house.

We came home and watched daddy finish up his major project. Have you figured out what it was yet? Hint: we picked this up when Q was 6 months old. Q & I picked up some pinecones and sticks and trimmed some bushes.

Ahhh, the end of nice long warm spring day....Oh stop, I helped him pick up pinecones too. He got new gardening gloves at Lowes and he was very excited to use them. He was unstoppable.

During this time, I got a call from a neighbor. Yeah they are calling to RSVP. The call was funny and went something like this:
Hi Robin (gotta love caller id)
Hi, who is this?
Um, you called and you don't know who you called? I can't lie, I've done this before too, but usually remember who's number I dialed when I hear their voice. Ok, so I didn't say that.
Jennifer (uncomfortable laugh)
Jennifer who?
Um, Jennifer Phillips (more uncomfortable laughing)
Oh (insert more uncomfortable laughing)from Robin. I got an invite in our mailbox for an Easter Egg Hunt. We are really excited to go but we weren't sure who gave us the invite.
Me thinking...DUH! It says Q is 3 in big letters on the front.
Robin: It just has a telephone number and date!
Me: OMG!!! I can't believe I did that!

I can explain. I made a few variations. There was an evite, there was a card that went to family, saying that it was a party for Q's birthday. The last one I made was for the neighbors and I didn't want to mention Q's birthday. I wanted them to donate not bring a present. And not feel bad and bring both!

Oh mommy brain...

We then played with daddys project. Last guess before pictures! Then we had some dinner and baths and got ready for bed.

What? You think that looks like our fence? That's becuase it is our fence! Chad finished the swing set!! Q is in HEAVEN!!! I'm pretty proud of my Charming Prince. I knew he could do it! I am not sure he thought he could!

We ended our day by reading a book on the picnic blanket. Outside under the moon and a star. It was an absolutely fabulous ending to our absolutely fabulous day!!

Sunday brought more beautiful weather. We headed downtown to the farmers market for some yummy vegetables, sausage and eggs! We also got some great plants (I actually do love to plant flowers, that's not yard work) and a yummy treat from La Farm bakery!

Out my kitchen window.

That is the stuff dreams are made of!

B has his second bottom front tooth. His hair is starting to grow over his bald spot in the back. His ezcema is terrible and I am doing everything naturally that I can. (I have also tried Eucerin. Shhhh) He loves to blow rasberries and I love listening to him! It makes me giggle!

Q loves to talk about being married lately. Everyone that wears a ring is married. Anytime someone is walking together, they must be married. It's pretty funny to hear his concept of marriage.

We ended our weekend at Red Robin with the Phillips cousins celebrating Pauls 10th birthday.

Come on spring! Bring it on! We are ready for you!

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