Monday, March 15, 2010

Orange Sheep

Be the orange sheep in the family if black is already taken.

How cool is that? I saw this today on my friend Leahs blog. I immediately emailed her to find out if she knew where this was from. I went to that really cool stores website and it is no longer available. So I searched google, it lead me back to that really cool store as well as someones blog that had posted about it.

Not only is Bs room done in farm animals, but I LOVE this saying. I don't think your family has to have a black sheep to love this print. I'm not saying we don't have one. But I think about it as being your own sheep. Be who you want to be. Pave your way. Be different. Isn't that what art is supposed to do? Make you think.

This weekend started on Friday night by me uploading hundreds (seriously 354) pictures to shutterfly to print. Sad part is....I haven't even gotten throught October!! I have done great at taking pictures of our second born, I'm just not so good at getting them printed! Of course, once I get them that means I have to put them in albums! YIKES!! That ought to take 4 rainy months or so! And since Q's birthday is coming up, that also means I have to create his photo book!

Saturday we went to see a crazy Lego exhibit in Chapel Hill. Legopalooza! Pretty wild what you can do with Legos! I mean CRAZY wild. These people have waaaayyyy more time than I do. As I sit and type this blog.

YES, every single bit of that is Legos!!

And you can't go to Chapel Hill with out eating at Mama Dips. Mmmmm now that is some good eats! And by good I mean fried dill pickles, fried green tomatoes, fried okra, fried chicken, chicken and dumplings (pastry), baked apples, sweet potato biscuits....oh the list goes on...

Saturday night B got a sippy for the first time and he did good! Not surprising, it has to do with eating or drinking! If you are in our family you have to like eating AND drinking! No one wants to be that black sheep!

Speaking of being your own sheep....Here is Q on Sunday in an outfit that he picked out! And by the way, he asked me to take a picture of his shoes. It was actually hard to get a picture between the dance moves!! I've said for months now that he has his own style..

I'm just saying, years from now when you are wearing his designs you can say you "remember him when"

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