Saturday, February 27, 2010

Circus Saturday

Yes, our life does often feel like a circus, but today we actually went to the circus. Q enjoyed it. I think B LOVED it. I felt sorry for the animals. It is so different going to the circus as an adult. Other than the circus, I enjoyed some great girl time!

This Q's friend AK (our sleepover friend) and her mom, Kayla.

Q's friend L and his mom, Shannon

B pretty much stayed in the Bjorn, even while taking his bottle. Cold. YUCK! But thankfully for me...he did. Otherwise it would have been nursing time and well, the circus isn't really conducive for that.

Speaking of the Bjorn, it won't be long before we aren't able to rely on it. I learned Friday at the Drs that B is 18lbs. Which means it's also almost time for a new car seat. And after all day thinking he was so big for almost 6mo, I came home and looked in Q's baby book and shockingly he too, was 18lbs at 6mos. They are shaped so differently.

I also learned Friday when I took B to the Dr for his cough, that he has his very first ear infection! Poor baby. His attitude has been great! You wouldn't even know he was sick. AND poor thing has a light case of eczema. Thankfully I have a closet full of some really great NATURAL lotions & potions!

He is loving his sweet potatoes and we have gotten in a nice routine of dinner, bath, nursing and bed. It happens fast and furiously around here. I hate that bed time comes so fast after we walk in the door during the week.

But I know this too will pass so I am trying to savor every minute I can, while I can.

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