Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Let it snow! Let it snow!

Before all those fun details, I have to tell you that B rolled over!! Once on Saturday and once on Monday!

And snow it did!
Friday night before bed the flakes started falling. Saturday morning we woke up to LOTS of snow! LOTS OF SNOW!! Q was extremely excited and couldn't wait to get outside. Daddy took him out first. They had a great time with Porter!

Snowball fight!

My first handsome boy!

My head was spinning with all the good things I planned to make while we were snowed in! B & I stayed snug and warm inside.

The snow as B saw it!

I actually got him on video laughing at the big boys throwing snow balls at the sliding glass door! It was so fun to hear that baby laugh! That good ole belly laugh! I just can't get enough! Maybe I will try and upload. Maybe. I am sure it will take forever!?

Saturday also brought out the johnny jump up for the first time! B liked it and & Q thought it would be fun to spin him around...when I wasn't looking!

Sunday brought us the same thing...MORE SNOW. Moday came and brought...YOU GUESSED IT! STILL LOTS OF SNOW! Which down here means...NO SCHOOL! Which also means no work for a parent. Which this week meant me. Which was fine by me, I can work from home. But I also got to play with my neighbor Amanda and her babies. ALL 3 of them! Q & M are best buds. B&N&B will also be best buds. We will see to it!

Tonight AK came to spend the night! Here is a picture of my old married couple (as they have been named by their teachers) in their matching pajamas! Look at that sweet girl in a nightgown. Why are nightgowns so cute?

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