Friday, February 19, 2010

They say...

it takes 21 days to make something a habit? What do they know? Who are they, anyway?

I'm going to have to make that 7. Because it has been 7 days that Q has been dry in big boy underware!! We are still doing a diaper at night. However, a few of those have been dry. And dry because he has woken us up to go potty!!

Last Saturday he wanted to wear big boy undeware. I didn't think twice, of course you can I told him. But then when I needed to go to the grocery store and he wanted to go, I was scared. Seriously, I was. I really just wanted to put him in a diaper and take him with me. Or I wanted him to stay home and stay in his BBU. But for once, I didn't let the fear hold me. I had to beg him to go potty before we left, and he did.
And I knew it would happen. As we were cruising the aisles of the Harris Teeter, I saw it. The face. The white knuckles. The red cheeks. The clenched teeth. Darn it. I knew it. I knew it would happen. This is why I wanted to leave him at home. Q "Do you need to potty?" "YES!!". He parked his "customer in training" flagged cart behind mine and we rushed into the back. Restrooms are ALWAYS in the back of grocery stores! We ran from one side to the other! No bathroom. No people. Back to the other side. Finally a person! "Where is the ladies room", I blurted out. "Front of the store by the flowers". FRONT OF THE STORE? My mind was racing. So I did the only thing I could think of. I picked him up and ran to the front of the store. I have no idea, what "going to the potty" indicates, but I knew I didn't want it to happen anywhere but in the potty. Especially when we really needed groceries! I also have no idea how long he can hold it. I did know I didn't want to find that out either. I've had two babies, I can't hold it long myself. "Mommy, you run fast", he tells me. Glad to know I can still do that, I think. We made it to the front of the store and into the ladies room. He did it! He made it!! He is dry!!! I am one proud Mama.

Proud of him. He wanted to do this. He made up his mind. He didn't want to wear pull ups anymore. He has definately always done things on his terms when he wants to.
I am proud of me. I let him do this on his own. I didn't push him. I didn't have a timeline. I didn't bribe him. I still have plenty of diapers and pull ups. I was fine with two in diapers. But I am more than fine with my big boy in his big boy underware!

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  1. YES! Go Q! This post made me laugh. I could totally just see him with the "potty face" in the store. FYI, all Harris Teeter stores have the bathroom in the front, and it is usually on the left side as soon as you walk in, just in case it ever happens again at another Harris Teeter. :)