Monday, February 15, 2010

Snowy Saturdays

This weekend was Valentines Day.
It snowed. Again. But this time I didn't mind it. It didn't inconvenience me at all. Thankyouverymuch! Therefore, I was alright with it. It didn't stick to the road and just gave everything else a nice white covering. It was the perfect snowman snow!

Q insisted that the snowman wear his scarf and hat. And thanks to the "invention" of the baby carrot, who's got a large carrot around for a nose? We sure don't, so we used an orange marker. Thanks, I thought it was clever too! Porter really liked his arms and Q was extremely upset when Porter decided to run off with them in his mouth. He might be scarred for life? I'm just warning you for future snow man days!

And there is one more reason to write today! It's Grandmas birthday! Grandma is off on her winter hibernation trip but we got to Skype and she got to see the boys sing her Happy Birthday!
Cheers Grandma! Hope you had an amazing day!! We can't wait to celebrate when you get home. But we know, we have to wait for the snow to stop first!!

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