Friday, November 5, 2010

Mail Call!!

Today when I checked our mailbox, this is what I found:

A TON of mail!! For a house that may get a piece or two every other day. It was all from attorneys and chiropractors! There was a piece for me and each of the boys. From the same places!!
I separated out anything that wasn't from them.

Six pieces were left.

And then I separated out what I needed.

One. One piece of mail. One measly bill. That is it!

I decided to open a piece to make sure it was just "An advertisement for legal services". I am glad I did. There was a copy of the police report. With all my information!! And the guy that hit me! He doesn't need my home address or my boys names or my drivers license number! The police officer gave us each a copy. My copy had my information and his had his information with the officers take on what happened as well as a case number. I am glad I opened them. Now I have a shred pile the size of a telephone book! There were 16 copies of the accident report in those 36 pieces of mail!! That is a lot of information to be thrown away.

And yes, I do know that if he wanted to find me or my information he could. I don't disagree that he shouldn't have some (I don't think he needs Q&B's birth dates or their names). But what if he doesn't shred his letters from attorneys. I am making assumptions that he got them too? I'm sure there is an attorney somewhere that thinks he should sue me for stopping or something?

A couple of the letters opened by telling me they we're sorry to hear about my accident and that I was hurt?! Really? I am pretty sure I wasn't hurt. I told 911 that as well as the EMT (who didn't want to check out my children) and the officer (who was not amused by my three year olds infatuation with him). You can read about that here

But now it's the weekend and I won't dwell! It's game time and we are pumped to be heading back to Greenville!!
Party on Pirate people!

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