Thursday, November 4, 2010


Does fall mean nostalgia to you?
For whatever reason it does for me.

Whenever it's a nice crisp day with a clear blue sky overhead I always think about walking across my college campus. I can see myself and my surroundings. Sometimes I can imagine what I was doing. I was so young. So naive. I took the same path to class almost everyday. The grass was so green and campus was so alive. Everyone was excited to be back. Meeting new friends and catching up with old ones. Sitting in a new class with new classmates and a favorite professor. Learning about things that, for sure, you will use in the "real world". And I am pretty sure the week ended with a tailgate and a football game!

I think about my friends and how I met them. I think about where we were going and where we are now. I think about how some of those friends help me make decisions, I never thought I'd be faced with. My roommates and I used to play patient for our fourth roommate in nursing school. And we would gather in one twin bed on a Sunday night after sisterhood to watch and cry over a Hallmark movie. How much fun were road trips?! One of my roommates and I ran out to Target to pick up some things. We decided we wanted to get away. So without even going back to the house, we got in the car and hit 40 west.

I have been bringing out and organizing bin after bin of winter clothes. Mine, Chads, Q's and B's. I always remember getting out winter clothes. It's like Christmas! Especially for the boys since everything they will see is new...well, new to them. Needless to say it's taken all week. And then folding the laundry I find more pieces to stuff somewhere! Since all these aforementioned bins sit in front of all the Christmas bins, I must admit, I have been thinking about getting it out. I didn't say decorate, I said get it out. Still sick, I know!

Funny things happening at our house lately:
B likes to pant like a puppy. I am pretty sure he got that from his big brother. And now if you ask him what a puppy says, he pants. It's adorable and here's a picture. It's not as funny as a video would be, but you can deal with it!

He loves to give Porter his biscuit. The minute Porter goes into his kennel B runs over to the biscuit jar and screams with his hands up to the jar. He even gives Porter the biscuit.

He drinks milk like there is no tomorrow. The kid LOVES milk.

He is a sweet sweet boy and loves to snuggle, sit in your lap, give away smiles and squeal.

This week I have had him behind the passenger seat. It's been fun to be able to see & touch him!

The big one (the big of BigYSmalls)is extremely creative and imaginative. Everything has a dual purpose! We went to a Japanese steakhouse a few months ago. Haven't talked about it since. Q decides the other day that he wants to be the chef there! Here he is tossing a roll "into his hat" like the chef! That or he was performing a magic trick...something else he has been talking lots about!

He knows what he wants. He does not like to be corrected. If you tell him no, he starts crying. By crying, I mean truly (most of the time) crying. He is very sensitive. If you try reasoning, he says you "aren't listening to my words". Even if you are, but having chocolate chip cookies is not going to happen for breakfast. I would like wine for breakfast, but you don't see me drinking that now do you?

Today it was a cold and wet yucky fall day. I got a late start which means then we are rushed. Anyway, I was trying to get Q to get dressed. He was dilly dallying as usual. I tossed some sweat pants at him since they would cover his legs and would hopefully be to his ankles! (I now have a stack of pants ready for him to try on!) He threw them back and said "I.WILL.NOT.WEAR.THOSE!" It was actually funny. I couldn't help but laugh. I wouldn't wear them either, so I didn't push it. So we had to try on 3 more pair until we found a pair of pants that worked! But we did and of course made it to school on time!

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