Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Because it is Saturday and it is football season, we were in Greenville to cheer on our beloved Pirates.

We took Q and my dad. Grandma and Aunt Nina to the rescue, they stayed with B! It was cold. It turned wet. And we got our butts handed to us beat. When I say beat, I mean absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, no questions asked, run over. The final score was 35-76. The most points anyone has ever scored on us since 1932. The first year East Carolina ever played football. The ride home was quiet while we sulked and ate chocolate chip cookies. Or maybe that was just me. There was actually quite a bit of Chad and my dad who debated the loss, the plays, the coaches, the injuries...Hey Q, pass another chocolate chip cookie to mama, please.

Today was low key. I got to go and browse Target with my Aunt Linda. It was so much fun to look and touch and feel all those great new winter turtle necks and sweaters. Remember, I LOVE fall. And of course, hang and talk with my Aunt! The Halloween stuff was 90% off! I perused the racks but had no intention of buying a costume, because there is no telling what Q will want to be next year. (B will be Dumbo, because A) we have the costume, B) Q and big cousin Paul wore it and C) because it is so stinking cute and he (hopefully) won't have an opinion about what he wants to wear?!) However, Aunt Nina, to Q's imaginative rescue, just knew that he would want "imagination clothes". So Q now has a bin of play clothes

A Magician (or black jack dealer?)
Q tried to make his little brother disappear..

B realizing his costume is a garden gnome...soooo not cool mom.. I thought it was hilarious. B in retaliation would not even let me get the booties on him! Little does he know...I will win!

Then there was the zoo keeper. Who went and got his panda immediately! Chad hid him in the backyard and Q would go and find it. It was a great way to play the "hot cold" game. We even got in a little right and left.

Then the boys did a Lowes run and a little deck repair. I had to miss that trip. You KNOW I wasn't happy about that! Why do I love that place??!

Q enjoyed jumping over the missing boards!

Finally we settled in to watch some toons and pass the witching hour, which was not only early but extended today. Thankyouverymuchfathertime!! B was not feeling his best today. I gave him his binkie and blankie. I knew it would make him happy, binkie outside of bedtime...what a treat! Then he sat in my lab and snuggled for a full 30 min. My feelings confirmed.

Today at Target (shocking, I know...they have everything!!) I did not find riding boots...anyone know where I can find some cute ones?

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