Friday, October 16, 2009

You might think I'm crazy..

That's ok, I am!
Yesterday, I took the boys to Richmond with my mom. We met lots of family for lunch. Wow crazy, I know! No, what's crazy is...we took them to an art show. I wasn't so worried about B, seeing that he is pretty immobile. However, Q on the other hand I was worried about. BUT, as usual he was AWESOME!!! He got directions from his Zanney he was not to touch but touch with his eyes. Which, he promptly reminded me of as I went to look through someones photos.
Here are some pictures from our adventure!

This is B's Great Great Aunt Vicky.

She is our favorite Great Great Aunt. She made Q's blankey and NOW, NOW B has his very own!!! YEAH!!! She also made us a travel size one, that we CAN'T live without!!
This is our very cool cousin Michelle.

That's right Richmond, Lite 98's Shelly Perkins belongs to us!! I know, we are lucky!

This is Q and some cousins!

And then there is GGP (GGP=Great Grand Pappi) Enter Disclaimer here (He named himself that!) We picked this luncheon spot so the kids could run around with out bothering anyone. But all the kids were much more interested in GGP's games on his i phone. Have no fear, they did get some good running in!

And then, THEN there is Zanney, as Q refers to her. Not only was she my excellent grandmother she is the boys GREAT GRANDMOTHER! I know, she looks great! Q had mucho fun hanging with her while I looked at fantastic art. The reason for this art show trip. (My) Granny Suzanney is one of the directors for Gallery. We think she did a fantastic job! I also thought she might enjoy showing off her newest family members. I was right, she did. Here is Q and Zanney at the door, greeting guests.

That's right Richmond, Dr. Suzanne Jenkins belongs to us too!! I know we are even more lucky!!
How did we get so blessed??!!
If the background from lunch looks familiar, it should. It is where Chad and I had our reception! And where LOTS of people did some hard core dancing! So like I said, it was a good place for the kids to run around. Gardens on a rainy day=not very busy!!

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