Thursday, October 8, 2009

Studies Show...

A study at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, says Q&B will be 71" (give or take 4").

Poor boys, that could mean 5'7". That is only 1" taller than me! Of course Q is already talking about being big and strong like daddy and then he will go to work! If he only knew you didn't have to be so strong to sit in front of a computer, cause that is what mommy & daddy do. Ok, sometimes we get up and walk to the printer! And if he only knew that going to work isn't always that great! Oh Q, there is plenty of time for that. If you are lucky you will only have to work until you are, um, about 75! Don't rush it, my man! Everything he eats we tell him will make him big & strong (when we are "discussing" vegetables) seems to be working, check out those muscles!

In case you want to figure out how tall your little person will be here is the formula: moms height (in inches)+dads height=height total (if a boy add 5" have a girl -5") %2 and this is your total! Don't forget to give or take the 4"!!

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