Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's DIY Day!

I guess my first DIY Day was my ECU garage painting but I'm not sure if that's considered a DIY project? Or is DIY just anything you get done yourself? In that case, what about the dishes and laundry and chores? I do those myself, well, most of the time!

This DIY project was one of my favorites! I think they turned out super cute! Hope the recipient did as well. I am pretty sure she does! My friend Amanda is having twins next month. That's right, NEXT month! Did you hear me boys? I said NEXT month! She also received monogrammed ones, but since I didn't do the embroidery, I thought it would be cheating if I posted those pics!

The pirate ones obviously belong to B! Our future Pirate!

And I guess if we are being totally honest, I didn't do the sewing either. It's not that I couldn't, and I would have, but the sewing machine and I have not talked in a while. Those got sewn at Lake Gaston at Grandmas. That's right, I said it, I admit it, Grandmas. See, I'm telling you, what would we do without her?!!

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