Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Our weekend started on Wednesday when Aunt Kelly joined us for a visit. Since she came on Wednesday we didn’t go to school or work (Well B didn’t. Q and I were home anyway. Recovering. Both of us.)

We didn’t have much planned since Q was still in recovery mode. I wasn’t sure what each minute would bring. That or the fact that he is three. Either way, we have no idea what each minute will bring. I’m afraid it was a little boring (minus the tantrums, timeouts, & displays of theatrical threes) for her, but yet I still can’t remember all the details!

Thursday we went to North Hills to the toy store. Cotton the Clown was singing. Q enjoyed his time with a guitar and B enjoyed his time chewing on toys that many other children have chewed before him. Then it was time for Q to look around and pick out a toy. I have no idea what the stipulations were, but seeing as how she loves him so, I don’t think there were any. Lucky for her, all he wanted was a pack of silly bands! Note to Auntie Kelly: you might want to have some regulations in your back pocket as I am sure this will change over time. All B wanted was a chewy giraffe that apparently is all the rage. I know this now, because there wasn’t a single Sophie in stock. Anywhere. We had lunch at Chick Fil A and then headed to Trader Joes. We hoped for naps, but it was not meant to be.

Friday we took Auntie Kelly by Bojangles. Took a little stroll through the neighborhood. Apparently it was a bit much for Olivia.

We went and played with Mitch and his brothers. Later in the day we headed out for a drive. With a purpose. A naptime purpose. Every parent knows this drive. The boys needed naps. They needed them badly. Mommy and Aunt Kelly needed them to take naps. Needed them to take them badly. And it worked!

Aunt Kelly and Q made up!

Saturday we headed out to a yard sale for a friend named Landon . We headed to Lowes to look at paint. We grabbed lots of color cards. Then Auntie Kelly and Mommy headed out again. This time for another purpose. Pedicures! Oh, how my feet love a pedicure! After pedicures the family went to get Auntie Kelly some lunch. BBQ. Hush puppies. Mmmmm. After that it was time for hair cuts. Not just any hair cut, B’s first hair cut! He didn’t like it. NOT.ONE.BIT.


Sunday we wanted to take Q to burn off some energy so he was sure to take a nap. We went to Monkey Joes. It started off great!

But then something happened. He didn’t want to slide. He didn’t want to bounce. He didn’t want to go home. After an hour of wishing he would bounce and play we left. We went to lunch where he proceeded to eat every bite! If he was hungry why didn’t he say so? Oh, that’s right, he is THREE!! We went to Home Goods and thought, FOR SURE, after that he would fall asleep on the way home. Nope. Not one minute of shut eye! It was a quiet night inside due to impending storms.

That brings us to this morning, when we had to say good-bye to our Auntie Kelly. Lover of gummy bears and Mike & Ikes. Reader of many (many, many, many) books at night. Mom to Olivia. Best friend and soul sister to mommy.

We enjoyed your visit and hope you did. Drive careful! We will see you soon!!

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