Tuesday, July 13, 2010

DIY Day!

Oh, there is lots on my mind, creating quite the dilema of what to blog about.

However, I have also been under a bit of stress. To ease my stress, I like to cook. I like to clean (thank you mother). I like to nest. I often feel the need to be creative.

I have made bratwurst & peppers with rice. I have made granola. Tonight I made chicken spaghetti. Thank you Pioneer Woman. I made sweet tea. I plan on making chicken enchiladas and cupcakes tomorrow for Auntie Kelly's arrival. Hopefully she doesn't read this, they are supposed to be a surprise. So, if by chance you are reading this please act surprised tomorrow. At least for Q's sake. And if you didn't read this, then quit whining about how I never blog anymore and get to catchin' up!

I have washed, dried, starched, ironed, and re hung every curtain in my house. Is that cleaning or nesting? I have a mental list of baby items that need to be put away or listed on craigslist. (Don't worry mom, not every baby item is for sale!) Auntie Kelly doesn't know this either, but we are choosing a dining room set. We are going to list the other one for sale. Which means we may be fabric shopping! Oh how I LOVE a fabric store! By LOVE, I mean L.O.V.E! We are also going to choose a paint color for the downstairs half bath. Then the wallpaper will be officially out.of.my.house! I am hoping for a rich deep purple! Daring, I know. These items walk the line of nesting vs creative.

Speaking of creative, how is this for a DIY?

Ok, fine, not a very elaborate project, but I did do it myself. I needed something to go over my bed. It's on one giant wall. It was screaming for something. The blue is the paint from my bathroom. Got some starfish and went to town. My house isn't anywhere near the beach, but I don't care. I love the beach. But it is my favorite place to be. And when I go there I am relaxed. And who doesn't want to be relaxed in their bed. Not that it's a problem. My bed is ultra cushy. I spend most mornings denying my alarm clock is going off.

This project however wasn't mine. I mean, I totally could have done it, if I wanted to. I have done a stained glass before. Once. In high school. Um, 6 fine, 16 years ago! However, I will take credit for the idea (I am sure NO ONE else has ever thought of it). We have a large fixed window in our bathroom. It lets in nice natural light. I don't believe anyone can see in our bathroom? I feel sorry for them if they can, because this window has been bare for 5 years. I didn't want curtains in our bathroom. I really didn't want a blind. I wanted an old window with stained glass. I have been on the prowl for sometime now. And then I saw this. It was perfect (just the right size). It was old (1926). It has a story (I am sure it does, I just don't know it). It came from Nottingham, England. They don't make them anymore. FYI, I think the place I bought it from has them all. I mean ALL. The place was busting the framework of the building they were in. So, out back were tractor trailers FULL of them!

And there you have it. DIY Day

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