Friday, July 2, 2010


I am giddy this Friday!

Not only is it 4th of July weekend and it is one of my FAVORITE holidays (more on that later), but I went to the library today.

I have not been to the library FOR-EVER! I hate to admit it, but I have spent more money on than I care to admit. But that's going to change too! I was looking for books for Q that have to do with surgery. I found two. Courious George and Franklin. I found some others having to do with courage. Franklin rides a bike! How could I not get that?! And then, then I found Caps for Sale! I was so excited. I felt like a kid in a candy store.

I LOVE to read. I always have. However, finding the time, is not always easy. I don't always read anything of substance, actually hardly ever. Since I read in such short spurts this suits me fine. I will have plenty of time when the boys are grown to read things with meaning and purpose and deep. Right now I will just keep reading my shallow, easy to read, girly books.

I love this blog about finding kids books and fun projects to go with them. Silly Eagle books We will be doing LOTS of these...or so I hope!

My how the library changed. There was a kids section with TONS of computers. There were so many young kids on those computers! Everything was done on computer. It was so easy to search for what I was looking for. So long dewey decimal system! I remember hours in the library as an elementry school student. Ms Midgett would walk us through that card system and all those index cards and how to file them. Same when we got to middle school. Ms Allen repeated over and over "Let me see your eyeballs" and once she had all eyeballs on her she would explain how to find a card and how to use it and how to find the book.

And how fun was the book fair or book mobile?

I was so excited to learn that I can reserve any books I want on line!! How cool is that?

Since I won't be on (more on that later)we will get to spend more time at the library! I hope Q & B learn to love the library like I did! I wonder if I will get to read more now?

Yeah, probably not! Actually, probably less time!

Ok, I'm off to read Bergdorf Blondes Grapes of Wrath

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