Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

We will start this weekend wrap up on a Tuesday, I'm famous for that. Monday I was just to tired to post. And it really wasn't all that exciting, but let's get real, you just came to see the cute babes!

We made some yummy chex mix.

Did some painting
I am usually the painter, however, this time around, I just cut in and let Chad roll. That's a big deal for me. First, the Behr paint that we picked and made sure was low VOC and were told it is actually NO VOC, is pretty smelly. Second, I was tired. Too tired. Even to paint. Actually Chad is upstairs now, cutting in the second coat on the top. I don't really need to be on a ladder. Unfortunatly it did need a second coat. It looked really bad. So that involved a second trip to Home Depot for a second gallon. That was after we finally decided on a color. Frolic. It was in the "special fans" behind the counter.

Our pumpkins were starting to go bad and it was time to throw them out. Q was sad. He didn't like that option. So he took a bunch of picures of it and now he can remember the pumpkin he painted in art class.
In between playing in the kitchen and playing at Lowes/Home Depot, we ran errands and played in the yard and in the house.

It was a nice weekend together and that is what we really needed!

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