Monday, December 26, 2011

December Wrap Up

I really did mean to keep up with the blog over the holidays. Honestly. I did. Because it would make what I am about to do so much easier. But then again, if we kept up with everything on a daily basis, all our chores would be easier. You know, if you clean up while you are cooking, there isn't so much after dinner to clean up. And if you put away your toy when you are done playing with it, you don't have an entire playroom to pick up before bed.

December was busy. VERY busy. And I went from being 34 weeks pregnant to 38 weeks pregnant with baby #3. I also learned that week 39 won't be coming. Because that baby #3 is coming Wednesday. One day before I hit 39 weeks.

Finding and decorating a tree. Hitting Hallmark, so the boys can pick out their ornament. Wrapping up those festivities by searching for "the pickle".
Putting together the train (and changing the batteries on day 2!!)
Throwing up some lights outside, so we can say we "decorated"
The boys and I spent lots of time in the kitchen
We got ready for Christmas break with a school performance by Q (where he actually performed!)
Chad and I spent too much lots of time trying our hardest to be creative and find spots for "Elfie"
With some help from a favorite elf in Florida
Doing Christmas Crafts
Gingerbread House:
Including some time at Build A Bear to make a gift for our new baby sister!
Passing out in random places and random times
Annual trip to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens
Riding the train with Santa (and Papa Joe, Grandma, etc etc)
Chaos of White House Family Christmas
And then it was Christmas Day!!!
The aftermath
And that my friends, was our December. January doesn't show any signs of slowing down. So you might want to brace yourselves and prepare to wait for a January update as well. Maybe even a new blog name, since we will have added some new XX chromosomes?!

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