Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

I debated writing a weekend wrap up, because my weekend didn't include the boys at all. Thanks to all these weddings, I've had lots of girls weekends! I also don't have a single picture to share. I have a few but they aren't for sharing.

On Thursday my amazing mom came up to spend the day and Friday with the boys, so I could take off to Raleigh and spend some time with my awesome friend, Jenny and the other Lanka women, wedding dress shopping! Grandma always comes through for us. She allows us to do so many things and get so many things done, if she isn't doing them for us! Which is why tonight I wondered why the laundry shoot was full. She was just here! AND I KNOW, it was empty when she left!

Friday morning we went to our first appointment. It was fun but, not much personal service, especially since it was a bridal boutique (that is so busy, they are expanding?!). Later we went to Davids Bridal. Pretty good service, not many choices. After that we had a great dinner out at Bonefish Grill!

Saturday we were up and at 'em and on the way to Burlington to check out the Bridal Mart. Lots of choices, but not really any for our bride. We called from there and made an appointment closer to home. On the way to the next appointment we swung into Davids Bridal to show her mom the dresses we liked the night before. Our beautiful bride did find a gown she liked at our last stop. However, the search continues!

I am confident the gown she finds will be amazing and look just as amazing on her! Jenny is the MOST photogenic person I know. She could wear a burlap number and look stunning!

I finished off my weekend having brunch with my great friend, Ashley, and her beautiful pre schooler! She is also exactly two weeks ahead of me coming in at 35 weeks with her second baby girl. She looks amazing and is anxiously awaiting meeting Eleanor Grace! I know, she has great taste in names!! I'm glad someone is using it! FYI, we never discussed names!

Thank you Jenny for flying home and letting me be a part of your big day! It was a very special weekend for her to share and I am so honored she did. A big thank you to her sister Kelly for allowing me to crash her very short weekend with her big sister and letting me stay with them! I had a great time and an education in all things "Girl" from Kellys daughters!

Looking forward to her February visit and shower!!

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