Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was a bit slower than last. Not many big things on the to do list. But the to do list is definitely long and getting longer.

We got some things put away in the attic and sorted through clothes for winter. It didn't take me long to do mine, since I can't fit in any of my winter clothes!! However, the washer has been going non stop with new (new as in, new to us!) winter clothes. I'm also trying to wash everything that came out of storage too. Every pillow, sheet, towel, cover. You name it, it's been/being washed.

The yard got cut and raked. It was pretty wet, but it had been too long. Daddy mowed and the boys helped.

B and his blower

Laveranues ColesB & a Zoo Keeper Q doing yard work! I'm sure the neighbors got a good laugh!

When we (um, everyone but me!) weren't helping in the yard, we (just Q &I) were at the grocery store or we were all car shopping or getting a flat tire turned bent rim fixed (good times with two pre schoolers!). It was a weekend of yucky projects, nothing fun!

The fun is left for home, where we had plenty of time for play. The weather was great and actually kind of warm, but we were trying to keep the boys some what settled so they can fight whatever cold B had. Grandmas coming this weekend and we can't have germs for her to take back to Papa Joe!

After yesterdays wardrobe choice and todays, I'm convinced Q needs his own fashion blog. I always thought being a fashion writer would be awesome....maybe I will live vicariously through him one day?!
My camo wearing scuba diver? Actually this wasn't really an outfit choice, it was "dress up" but I'm not sure what he was pretending to be.

This was todays outfit choice, until he put on his spider man costume and then a few others..

Until I started talking about going to the store and he changed the layered tops in for a t shirt and hoodie. I wonder if he was feeling self conscious or was he just dressed up for fun this morning (he likes to pretend he is an animal "hunter" at all times, so I never know when he is dressed for school or dressed to hunt?!). I never want to make him self conscious so I don't ask..."ha ha what are dressed as today?" and he stares at me blankly...and says he is just dressed for school. I have enough "mom fail/guilty" moments, I don't need help from my big mouth! Frankly, I don't really care what he wears to school. It's not like he owns anything offensive (besides that Carolina t shirt) and as long as he is dressed when we are ready to go, that's all I care about!

When cleaning up our "dress up" clothes last night, I called them make believe, to which he started yelling and crying that he does not play make believe. Then I was told by my husband that he wouldn't want them called make believe either. Is make believe a girly term? Is "dress up" not girly? What do you call boys dress up clothes? Character clothes? Pretend clothes? When I told him where to put his Buzz Lightyear wings (come on people, in a basket, I wasn't that mad!), he told me they weren't Buzz Lightyear wings they were his scuba tanks?! Isn't that pretending?

And this morning when I asked him to put the red vest away, he looked at me and said "I'm a red coat". Um, ok?! Did red coats not listen to their mothers? I think it's time for naps. This pretending stuff is wearing me out!

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