Friday, November 4, 2011

Just some sentances...

It's Friday!!

I'm worn out from a crazy busy week that included:
*Sending my best friend back to FL after a nice visit
*Too much halloween candy
*A yucky head cold
*B having a yucky head cold.
*Which means he didn't go to school.
*That makes mommy sad.
*Qs new favorite song is Hey Soul Sister by Train.
*He knows lots of the words and it makes me so happy to hear him sing.
*Especially songs I like!
*A textbook 31 week Dr visit for me & lady bug.
*Car shopping.

And while all that was happening my to-do list grew?! How did that happen? Oh! Right, instead of doing anything about that list, I sat on the couch and snuggled my oldest while trying to convince the youngest that snuggling is fun and let ladybug rest as we watched toons, read books and talked...Let the list grow!

Gearing up for a busy weekend. Soccer, grocery store and car shopping to name a few...and perhaps we will accomplish a project or hopefully two?!

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