Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's been 5 years....

Not since I last blogged, although several of you have said it's been too long. Since Chad and I got married! May 29th 2005. Some days it seems like so long ago. Some days it seems like yesterday!

We celebrated our 5th anniversary at a wedding! We really wanted to go some where to celebrate, just the two of us, but instead headed home to the Outer Banks and enjoyed ourselves just as much!

I would post a before, but we have lost our (only) three year old lap top to a lightning storm! Boo, but that's another story for another time!

That five years is such a short time for all the things we have seen!
The arrival of our first baby (of the four legged variety)

And the arrival of Q

And the arrival of B

Those are just the best highlights! There have been many good things. Not to make it sound easy, but the four pictures above help me stay focused! Focus on what's important.

Which is what I have been doing, instead of blogging. Anyone reading this blog knows me. Knows that I am a full-time working (outside the home) mom of 2. Wife of 1. Slave to 1 hairy monster. It's not necessarily about coming up with a topic or how to put those thoughts down. Anyone blogging is not usually a person that has that kind of problem! And if you are reading this blog, chances are you know me, and you know I definitely don't have that problem!

My days are long (thanks to said full-time job), my nights are short (thanks to a teething, nursing nine month old)and I want to spend the few short minutes I have in the evening with my boys. So all things not directly related to the laughing and giggling y chromosomes in my house were put on hold.

And I admit, I missed blogging. But once the y's were in bed, I was trying to complete other tasks.

I could give you the laundry list of things accomplished but that would be boring. Instead I will give you the exciting list of things the y's have accomplished:

B likes to make a clucking noise now! He uses his entire mouth and tongue. He smiles ALL the time and likes to laugh. One thing that he ALWAYS laughs at: the "how big" game! He even knows how to play peek a boo!! He is crawling like a champ and loves to chase Q. He also loves to torment is older, (for now) bigger brother. He now takes a bath with out any support and enjoys his new freedom in there. He can pull up on anything and will try! He took his first fall down three stairs into the garage and almost sent me to the ER for worry!

Q is still madly in love with his (for now) little brother. Still the first thing he wants to see in the morning and the last thing before B goes down. He is excited about swimming this summer. This makes mama very happy! He loves to take care of everyone. At the beach he was constantly watching and helping K (who is only 2, so much younger!) He is very social! Mama also likes this! He loves telling me about his day and his friends. He remembers everything! He will repeat things days & weeks later. We are working on his letters. He can write a Q! Potty training is going well. Still doesn't want to go poop every time in the potty. And still wakes up wet most mornings. He is getting his tonsils taken out in July. We are talking about it a little at a time, trying to let him know what to expect. Easier said than done! He loves to tell us how strong or how big he is, or what a big helper he is being.

And now that I have updated you on my life with y’s, I am going to go spend some more time with them.

Hope it was worth the wait!

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