Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What I have been learning...

I saw this on someones blog today (if only I could remember who, I would paste them here) and had to create my own. Thanks for the idea...My family will be pleased you gave me the idea to write!!

Things I have been learning about being a mom…and being a mom to Y’s

1. As much as I have tried to change it…every day I only have 24 hours. I have to make choices about how to use them. If I choose to play with my y’s or take them to the park, then I'm choosing not to do something else (like clean my bathrooms). Therefore, I can't get upset later in the day when the bathrooms are not clean. Personally I’d rather go to the park!

2. There will always be something to clean

3. The laundry basket will ALWAYS have something in it. And I am learning to accept the fact that said laundry basket is always in the background of some picture, no matter what room the picture was taken in!

4. My bed doesn’t get made everyday (ok, hardly ever)

5. I have to go to the grocery store more than I admit. We will always be out of something about every couple of days despite my list. Sadly that would be a paper list, not a mental one!

6. It's okay to run the dishwasher every day to save myself the time of washing dishes for hours

7. Some days I will not be able to have a traditional "quiet time" with God. But I can cry out to him all day for guidance.

8. They discover their “pieces and parts” way before they realize what “pieces and parts” are

9. My entire day can be affected by my attitude.

10. My children aren't perfect and neither am I (gasp!)

11. Little boys love their mamas!

12. I NEVER in my life could have imagined the love I feel when I look at these two.

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