Thursday, June 17, 2010

9 months

B is nine months! Here is the low down on "B" or "BB" or "BPP" or "Baby B". Like him, his list of nicknames is also growing!

He pulls up on everything, even moving things!
He likes to feed himself finger foods (This part I hate. It's so scary!)

He drinks water from a sippy cup.
He LOVES bath time.
He adores his big brother.

He says "mama" and means it!
He wants to eat, lick, and suck on everything, including shoes.
He doesn't like when you take something from him!
He smiles the minute anyone acknowledges his presence.
He still only has his bottom two front teeth.
He has now been exposed to pink eye

He looks like his mommy (seriously, he does)

He weighs 21 lbs 10.5oz
He is 28.5" long


HE IS PERFECT!!!! No really, the peditrician said it at his 9mo check up. I'm pretty sure she doesn't tell every body that!

On that sleeping thing: Dr. P said, as she did with Q. "You need to let him cry it out. He doesn't need any nourishment through the night. You are creating bad habits. He doesn't cry because he needs you, he cries because he wants you. You don't nurse him when you go in there do you?" With tears in my eyes like a child caught with their hand in the cookie jar..."Of course I do. I have to go in there, because he won't let anyone else settle him, and when I go in there he won't settle for me until he is nursed. And I go in there because when he cries, he doesn't just cry, he screams. I want him to know I am there for him." I thought all this was supposed to go away after the first baby? So last friday night after his appointment we did it. I actually think he slept through on his own. But since then he has only woken up twice and both times has cried himself back to sleep...and it only took an hour, ok fine a few minutes, each time!

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  1. He seriously does look JUST like you!!! I'm so glad I ran into you two at Kohl's that one day so I could meet that precious boy!!