Monday, April 19, 2010

Not Me Monday!

I decided to play along this week (however, MckMama is not...)

I was not excited at all to be sending ALL the boys to their parents/grandparents house for the weekend. Not me, I have plenty of "me time" and girls weekends.

My feet did not ache after hours of dining and dancing in 6' heels. Not me, I wear those all the time!

I did not have a headache yesterday. And it would not have been self induced. Not me, I know my limits!

I did not go to Home Goods with said headache, when I had an empty house to go home to and nap. Not me, I would never pass up a nap to go shopping!

I was not embarrassed to send back my food last night because it was too spicy. Not me, I would never send anything back to the kitchen!

And that was just my weekend, you can only imagine what my week was like!

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