Friday, November 20, 2009

The whole point is to post

Q here, my mom can't get it together enough to post so I will. We are at grandmas. I will let her visit and I will post. You have to see some of these pics from our visit!
This is my Pappa Joe with B. B really likes him!

I made cupcakes with Grandma

My Zanney came to visit too. She brought me a book!! I LOVE books! Here she is with B. He seems to really like her too!!

Here I am entertaining B while everyone finished breakfast! I like telling him my secrets! I know, I am a GREAT big brother!

I LOVE going to grandmas house! We get to cook in the kitchen and take walks and look for deer. I even get to go on boat rides. Even in NOVEMBER!
Isn't life grand?!

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