Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

What a happy thanksgiving at the Phillips' house! We went to Uncle Todd & Aunt Sarahs house. There was LOTS of food and fun and LOTS of love!!
We are very thankful. We have a warm home and food in the pantry and jobs that supply all of those. We have TONS of men and women willing to spend time away from their family and defend all our our freedoms. True heros. They are amazing and I am grateful.

B with Cousin Josh and Aunt Sarah

I am also greatful for more frivolous news. My friend Jessica is engaged and my friend Julie is expecting her second baby! A true surprise and miracle! Life is amazing.

Today I spent the day with my boys. The morning we hung out in our pajammies. Lots of snuggling taking place in mommy & daddys bed! Then we went to Home Depot for all our paint supplies! Time to paint the last big room in our house!! The den and kitchen!! First the wallpaper MUST come down!! Hoping to have all of it down today and start repairing the walls and caulking around windows and doors tomorrow(Sunday). Maybe by Sunday night we can start priming and cutting in?? I can't wait! Then the last room is the half bath downstairs!! Then we are D.O.N.E.!!!

CP taking down wallpaper!

We also found time to watch the movie Happy Feet. Q loved it and was dancing up a storm. Mommy may have done a little dancing herself. I do love a good beat! There is even a tap dancing lesson at the end! Thank goodness he doesn't own tap shoes or we would be in trouble!! Speaking of beat...Quinn decided to beat box today?! FUNNY STUFF!!

Monday I go back to work. I am ok with it. I love my job, and my team and the company I work for. I do not like my commute but I guess it's a small price to pay to like your job? I am interested to see how the transition goes. Getting two kids to daycare and to Durham by 830 should be all kinds of fun! Especially when Q decides he doesn't want to listen! Those are interesting mornings!!

Well, this post has been long enough without saying a thing! I should go before I ramble some more, plus, I have wallpaper that needs to come down!

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