Monday, November 30, 2009

Hi Ho Hi Ho...

it's back to work I go.
Today was Monday November 30 and my first day back at work since leaving so suddenly on Wednesday September 2nd. 12 weeks since having B. It was the second fastest 12 weeks of my life. I can't believe my baby boy is 12 weeks old. He is so big and handsome and just awesome. Q still thinks he is the greatest thing on earth!
Going back wasn't too hard. It wasn't easy and I would have rather stayed home and nuggled with my boys but alas, it wasn't too be. Last night I was doing circles in the kitchen, wondering what time do I get up, do I nurse or pump, what do I wear. I had a list of things to not forget mainly my pump and my laptop!! Leaving either would have made for a miserable day!
B stayed home with his grandma, where he will be all week. I'm pretty jealous of that too! Wish I could stay home all week with grandma! I knew he was in good hands, but boy did I miss that sweet smell, those amazing cheeks, and fuzzy hair.
I came home to the sweetest two year old waiting for me at the door, a clean house and dinner cooking!! Um, hello good life!
And then it was bath time!!! I LOVE bath time!

Happy Water Babies

B in his lamb(ie) towel (for you Aunt Kelly)

Q told grandma today that he was fragile! It's a word we have been using quite frequently in the past 12 weeks.
Thank you Grandma for helping with our first week transition!! We love you!

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