Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Dr will see you now

So you would think, I would post about the newest Y chromosome in our house, because, that is the MOST exciting thing in our lives right now. But I will have to make you wait until tomorrow night. Plus, anyone that reads this, reads facebook and since I posted on there today, that will be "old" news anyway!

Instead I will tell you about Dr. Q. We at the Phillips house, LOVE all animals. Q has several favorite Drs in his life. Starting with GGP (he would rather see people) and his Zanney. Little does he know she started out as a vet. That would really impress him. It might impress him more that her daddy was a vet too! And then there is Aunt Lynn. She only sees certain "sick" pets. So you can say it's in his blood! Which might be the reason Q loves to go to the vet. Why not? Nothing in it for him! Two weeks after we went to the ER vet with Porter, Q remembered that Drs name!! He likes to tell Porter what to do...say "Ahhh".
That is the set up for this picture. While we were at the hospital adding to our Y house, Q stayed behind with Grandma, who snapped this picture of Q listening to everyones heart and taking notes!
Is this foreshadowing? You know NC State has a really good vet school! AND, it's really close to home. In fact so close he could live at home! Hmmm....

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