Sunday, September 20, 2009

People let me tell you....

about my best friend.

These are my favorite little boys and this is their best friend Porter. Q is doing everything in his power to make sure B knows how special Porter is. I must say, it's pretty awesome!

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Q and Porter when Q was 1 mo old.

Now on to some funnies
Q knows some sign language and still tends to use it, although his language skills are quite good (sometimes this is not so good for us!) When saying goodbye to grandma, he tried signing I love you, what he signed instead was F you, all while smiling and saying I LOVE YOU Grandma! We have also seen that he points with this finger now as well. Think he learned that at his Christian day care?

His new favorite phrase is "You crack me up" this!!

Q has now seen me pump more than once. This has led to some fun questions. The other day he picked up the bottle and put it to his tummy!! He thn proceeded to ask how long will it take to get full?

B we have learned likes only soft surfaces...hence why he is not sleeping more than 2 hours in his a new dilema to battle in the mommy brain...what can we do about this???

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